The store of the future: top trends and technologies from NRF 2015

The Connected Retailer

At the start of the year, most industries wonder what their sector will look like in 12 months’ time. Luckily, retail doesn’t have long to wait – we were treated to an insight at NRF’s Big Show, which took place in New York City this month.

The store took centre stage at this year’s event, as retailers pondered how the world’s online obsession will continue to shape bricks-and-mortar shopping. It also provided an opportunity to see how technology vendors are pushing the boundaries, and blending the advantages of digital and physical shopping in a reconfigured retail experience.

There were hundreds of ideas and solutions to choose from, but here are our top NRF technology takeaways that are set to shape shopping in 2015:

Interactive displays

This cutting-edge solution reacts to consumers selecting goods from the shelf, changing the graphics on display to provide further product information. All activity is fed…

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